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A global summit for women in conservation

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The 2023 WiNN Global Networking Event 

The conference is scheduled for five days, starting from 9:00 am on 1 August 2023.


THEME: Promoting women's participation and visibility in conservation science through mentorship.

DATE & VENUE: 31st July - 4th Aug 2023 - Elysian Resort

Our Goal

Women in Nature Network share as we learn from each other interactively with fun and the expected outcome is

Strengthened Network

Empowered mentees from different chapters

Proliferation of additional chapters from global south

Enhanced conservation that is  propagated by all of us


Welcome to Kenya 

We are delighted to have you, and we hope you will have a great stay with us

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About WiNN 

The Women in Nature Network (WiNN) connects women across the world who are working to conserve natural ecosystems and species with the aim of strengthening the role of women in conservation leadership and enhancing conservation impact. Over the past 10 years, WiNN has grown to over 600 members across more than 20 countries and 17 WiNN Chapters.


WiNN has helped to secure grants for 10 women-led conservation projects and hosted 6 annual global networking events with the 7th one scheduled to take place in Kenya in August 2023. WiNN organized weekly webinar/workshop series during the 2020 COVID pandemic period, coordinates an active WhatsApp group, and established a mentorship program.

Meet The Team

WiNN Global Event Hosts 

WiNN Global Event Participants.

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